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Is Astrology a science?

The Indian proverb truly says that there is no man who is not a bit of a physician and an astrologer; and it is equally true that there is no subject which is so ill understood as these two. The fact is that the broad medical and astrological principles are so many that everybody of necessity learns a few of these but experiences a difficulty in mastering all of them.

Nothing can be more funny than to find young men especially, taking up astrology as their first subject of attack in theif public utterances. It is a subject to which they pay little or not attention except for purpose of ridicule.

Another object to the science is that astrologically the fortunes of two persons born at the same moment of time but in the opposite quarters of the globe, must be the same, but that they can not be and are not the same. Here is an ignorance betrayed regarding the elementary principles of the science. It is true that the planetary positions are nearly the same except for the small matter of parallax. But it is not the planets alone that go to shape one's fortunes. Time of birth, which is represented by the Lagna or the rising sign, has a great deal to do with it. In other words, because the local times of the two places are different, the Lagnas must be different; for thwn the 20th degree of Leo, for instance, is in contact with the horizon here, the 20th degree of Aquaries will be in contact with the horizon of our just antipodes at the same moment. Our rising sign is their setting sign, and our setting sign is their rising sign; so that a difference of longitude gives a difference of local time and consequently a difference of Lagna. The Lagna or mere time or space, irrespective of the planets, has great deal to do with shaping the fortuens of a native or jataki will a new revelation to most people.

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