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Guna Milan - AshtaKoota for marriage

The Yoni Koota

The different nakshatras are said to possess the 'Yonis' of different animals. The birth nakshatras of the bride and the groom should indicate the Yonis of animals that are not mutually hostile. If they indicate the same Yoni of animals that are not mutually hostile. If they indicate the same Yoni or a neutral Yoni, it is considered desirable. Fourteen categories of Yonis, each indicted by two nakshatras, are described. For this purpose, the Abhijit nakshatra (extending from 6 deg 40 mins to 10 deg 53 mins in the Makara rashi) is also to be considered, raising the total number of nakshatras to twenty-eight.

The nakshatra pairs, their relevant Yonis and the intensly inimical Yoni are indicated below:

Nakshatras and Yonis
NakshatrasYoniIntense Enemy
1. Ashwini, ShatabhishajAshwa (Horse)Mahisha (Buffalo)
2. Bharani, RevatiGaja (Elephant)Simha (Lion)
3. Krittika, PushyaMesha (Ram)Vanara (Monkey)
4. Rohini, MrigashiraSarpa (Serpent)Nakula (Mangoose)
5. Ardra, MoolaShwana (Dog)Mriga (Deer)
6. Punarvasu, AshleshaMajara (Cat)Mushaka (Rat)
7. Magha, P. PhalguniMushaka (Rat)Majara (Cat)
8. U. Phalguni, U. BhadrapadaGau (Cow)Vyaghra (Tiger)
9. Hasta, SwatiMahisha (Buffalo)Ashwa (Horse)
10. Chitra, VishakhaVyaghra (Tiger)Gau (Cow)
11. Anuradha, JyeshthaMriga (Deer)Shwana (Dog)
12. P. Asadha, ShravanaVanara (Monkey)Mesha (Ram)
13. U. Asadha, AbhijitNakula (Mongoose)Sarpa (Serpent)
14. Dhanishtha, P. bhadrapadaSimha (Lion)Gaja (Elephant)

When the groom and the bride belong to the same Yoni, they earn 4 points. If they belong to the intensly inimical Yonis, they get no points. In case of mutually friendly Yonis, they get 3 points, for neutral Yonis 2 points, and for simply inimical Yonis only 1 point. The following table indictes the gunas earned by the couple on the basis of their Yonis.

Groom--> / BrideAshwaGajaMeshaSarpaShwanaMarjaraMushakaGauMahishaVyaghraMrigaVanaraNakulaSimha
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